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Welcome to the Metasa website.

Our main aim is to provide a portal for qualified Natural Health Practitioners and students of Metaphysics, by actively promoting the further education of our members, through affiliation with other Institutions and Organizations of Higher Learning.

As Metaphysics and related natural healing modalities are fast gaining ground as accepted complimentary therapies to existing allopathic intervention, it is now imperative that members of our healing community be suitably educated  and have a sound knowledge of psychology, counseling techniques and other related disciplines. The science of altering the mind to accept a new awareness, which is what we do, must be practiced with the utmost of integrity, lest we want to plunge our industry into disrepute.

Moreover, if we do find ourselves in a compromised position, where our integrity is being placed in doubt, we need to be able to rely on our governing body, association or organization to help and circumvent any possible legal problems that may arise. We are practicing in the public domain, therefore we are liable.

Educating our members to accept that it is their responsibility to further their own education in order to improve service delivery in the industry as a whole, will be actively persued by encouraging practitioners who are not as yet fully qualified to further their education in the science of psychological and spiritual counseling.

Many in our community are already furthering their education, but there are still those that simply practice with little or no education. This complacency can no longer survive new impending legislation which will restrict the activities of those who are not compliant with the conditions under which practitioners will be allowed to operate, once new laws are passed and implemented.

The natural energy healer is required to be both medical intuit, quantum healer and psycho-analyst. This places an incredible responsibility on natural health practitioners. Many of our clients have no voice left - they do not know where to go to anymore. Their usual support system, like medical practitioner and family or close friends, cannot provide answers anymore, and have branded them as suffering from "psychosomatic behavior". Now they come to us in the hope of finding answers to their problems, purpose or merely clarification as to their spiritual emergence. We need to be fully prepared to counsel them with empathy and non-judgment, be able to clear emotional blockages by using the correct subtle interrogation techniques and more. In a nutshell - we now become the care givers. To that extent we face the responsibility of altering the mindset and awareness of our clients.

Metasa will therefore actively promote the educational services of organizations and institutions that offer courses and educational modules that will enhance the quality and integrity of our healing environment, and regulates same.

Please visit our "mission statement" page for further details.